Alright, when I decided to do this, I wasn’t expecting going almost 2 months in between posts. But it has been a pretty busy 2 months, and that is in a good way. I have gotten engaged, and about 20 different Christmases to attend, oh and the Green Bay Packers have been dominating and are hopefully on their way to the Super Bowl BABY! A lot of good things going on in my life right now, and can’t even explain how excited I am for where my life is headed right now. And that is what I want to blog about today. Not how excited I am about my life, but rather what did I do to get here, and why it is so important.

I used to live my life blaming other people for a lot of unfortunate things that happened to me, or things that didn’t go my way. It was never my fault. I had a kid at a young age, it was the mom’s fault cause she didn’t want birth control or condoms. I got in trouble in school, it was my teacher’s fault for being a dick. I got a minor consumption violation, cops are jerks, you get the idea. That mentality eventually carried over to everything. I smoked cigarettes cause I was addicted, didn’t workout cause I was too busy, it was just getting sickening. I wasn’t happy with anything and I needed to make a change, but I couldn’t convince myself to do it.

I started to get close to a friend I won’t name, and we started to have a lot of deep conversations. Now this friend has been through a lot in their life. Drug addiction, lost love, trouble with cops, you name it. Now because he had done a lot of drugs, he had kind of an odd view on life, and I thought he was crazy a lot of the time. He would talk about life balance, and karma, and all kinds of stuff that I would just nod my head at in agreement. Basically just think of the main aspects of every major religion, and he kind of melded them all into one and had his own beliefs on how the world and God work I guess. Then one day, during his rambling and my agreeing, he started to make sense. He started talking about life, explaining that everything that happens is because of what you choose to happen. Every aspect of your own life is determined by the choices you are constantly making. Now that might seem like a pretty generic statement, and you might even think it is pretty generalized thinking. But I don’t believe it is, so many people don’t live with this very elementary thought in the back of their mind. I chose to have unsafe sex, I chose to cheat, I chose to smoke, I chose to be a smart ass in class, I chose to be lazy and not make time for the gym. And it applies to so much more than that too. Love life, work life, habits, everything. “You can’t choose who you love.” Really? Why is that? I have talked to people that actually feel this way, hell I was one of them. You choose to stay with someone that treats you like garbage, and you can just as easily choose to leave them. You choose to smoke cigarettes, you aren’t addicted, you choose to do drugs, or drink. You choose to be lazy, you choose to eat unhealthy. Every last thing in your life, you always have the choice to do what you feels benefit you the best. Now I know what you are thinking, it isn’t that easy, emotions come into play, or if you are addicted to drugs or cigarettes there are chemical imbalances that cause you to be addicted, or whatever other factors there are. I say that is garbage, the mind is the most powerful part of your body, and if you can convince yourself that life is as simple as making a basic choice, then life will be a lot easier. This is how I try my hardest to live, and it has made a world of difference I believe.


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